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Are your financial accounts accurate?

Reliable reports are just the beginning

Everyone needs to have confidence in financial statements, otherwise, what’s the point in preparing them? If you’re involved in an organisation that is managing large sums of money, your reputation is at stake. Your money might be too.

For some client’s audits and reviews are about legal compliance. For others, it’s about shining an independent spotlight on financial information they are making decisions upon.

BVO Audit works with all kinds of organisations giving peace of mind, that the accounts are in good shape, financial reports can be relied upon, and systems are robust and working as intended.

Painless. Plain language. Everyone wins.

At BVO Audit, we believe the audit/review process should give you much more than simply ticking compliance boxes. It should help improve governance and management, be an easy process, help minimize risks and free your organisation up to do what it does best.

We work with tax-paying private sector companies, charities and not-for-profit organisations, ensuring compliance with the ever-changing laws and regulations. If you’re not exactly sure what the rules are and how they apply to your organisation, we can help.

Working with BVO Audit means your shareholders, Accountant, Trustees, members, sponsors, funders, customers and/or Board, can feel assured. Best of all, with BVO Audit you’ll get a roadmap of what else you can do to decrease your risk.

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We promise to support you every step of the way

Whether you are required by law to have an Audit or Review or elect to have one, our auditors are approachable and easy to work with. Whatever outcome you are after, whatever your need, we use everyday language that everyone can understand. This means more trust, less risk and assurance that your organisation is well-managed.

Who we work with:

BVO Audit has a thorough understanding of all NZ legislation and Acts that dictate audit and review regulations. Our team are up-to-date with the latest regulations and how they apply. We have deep experience in meeting the requirements of Ministries and the various government agencies that take an interest in making sure NZ organisations meet their statutory requirements.

Not For Profit

Charitable Trusts
Incorporated Societies
Volunteer services organisation

Education provider

Charitable Private Training Establishments
Education and training providers

Real Estate Business

Body Corporates
Real Estate Trust holders

Business with overseas shareholders

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Businesses getting ready to attract funding

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Do I need an Audit or Review

An audit is the most thorough analysis of an organisation’s financial statements and gives you the highest possible level of assurance.

A review is similar but comes with a lower level of analysis and assurance.

Not sure if you need an audit or review? To help you understand we’ve created an easy-to-follow decision tree.


Not for Profit Audits/reviews

If your organisation doesn’t pay tax your annual financial statements may need a statutory audit or review, for compliance. The type of service you need depends on your organisation’s legal structure and operating expenditure.

The bigger your NFP organisation, the more rigorous the rules around compliance. We can help you work out which one you need.

Find out more about Not For Profit audits and reviews


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