Provider Audits

Simple. Practical. Verified.

Provider Audits

Simple. Practical. Verified.

If you operate a school or early childhood centre and are a private education provider or a charitable trust, you are required by law to have your financial statements audited, but you can choose your preferred auditor. There are two types of financial audits for education providers.

Financial audit to comply with NZQA requirements to maintain your NZQA registration and to satisfy Ministry funding requirements.

Student Fee Protection special purpose review. When students pay fees into your Student Fee Trust account, your organisation is required by law to have a review of the trust accounts to protect student funds.

What is the difference between an audit and a review? Find out here

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NZQA requirements

NZQA registered providers may have to provide yearly audited accounts to maintain their registration. BVO Audit has in-depth knowledge of NZQA’s requirements. We can help you meet your NZQA reporting obligations, so you can keep doing what you do best. Educate.

With BVO Audit, you get plain-language reports that don’t require you to learn clunky jargon. We make the end-to-end audit process simple and easy. That means you get peace of mind that the audit process will be completed in the shortest possible timeframe. It won’t drag on and on.

That will keep your accountants, and the board happy, helping them make better governance and management decisions.

Student Fee Trust – special purpose review

You are required by law to keep your students’ fees safe. BVO Audit will ensure you meet your obligations so that international and local students have confidence in your learning establishment.

With BVO you get plain-language reports that make the end-to-end review process simple and easy.

Types of Education Providers we work with

Private Training Establishment (PTEs)

Industry Training Organisations (ITOs)

Early Child Care Centres (ECEs)

How getting an audit or review works.
The process spelled out.

You’ll love how easy it is to work with us. We’ll do the work either at your place or at our offices in Newmarket, then prepare a report on what we found.

1. Discuss

Discuss your requirements with one of our qualified auditors.

2. Estimate

Receive a formal fee estimate for the job, without obligation.

3. Engage

Decide to engage the services of BVO Audit.

4. Step-by-Step

Get step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and a checklist to help you gather all the relevant information.

5. Your place or ours

We’ll do the work either at your place or at ours, with minimal disruption, to assess and analyse your information and systems.

6. Audit Reports

You’ll receive audit reports of your financial statements, plus a plain language management letter containing constructive feedback on systems, processes or control measures that have been identified, to help you meet stakeholder goals.

Auditing and review services for Education Providers

  • Education Provider Audit
  • Student Fee Protection special purpose review

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